Chinese Lexical Database
Download the entire database, which consists of 38,147 rows (1 or 2 character words) and 144 columns (lexical variables), for a total of 5,493,168 data points.

Download the database in .txt format:
.zip file (12.3 mb)
.txt file (31.8 mb; instructions: right-click -> "Save link as")
Download the database for the statistical software package R:
.rda file (9.2 mb)
Download the database in .csv format:
.zip file (12.3 mb)
.csv file(31.8 mb)

Citation information:

Sun, C. C., & Hendrix, P. (2017). The Chinese Lexical Database (CLD). Version 2.0. Available from


The current version of the database is version 2.0. A permanent copy of version 1.0 of the CLD is available at: When using version 1.0, please cite:

Sun, C. C. (2016). Lexical processing in simplified Chinese: an investigation using a new large-scale lexical database. Doctoral dissertation. Eberhard Karls Universität, Tübingen.

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